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Safewire is an open source audio encryptor compatible with any device.

Most user-friendly encryption services are software based, and thus vulnerable to side channel attacks, where the encryption process is entirely bypassed. For example, imagine John Smith uses a free iPhone app to encrypt his phone calls.

All an attacker would need to do is create a malicious program to reroute audio before it is encrypted. Safewire would fix this by encrypting calls at the level of the microphone.

HEKTOR-128's random number generator is applied to time-domain shifting and frequency modulation to build two layers of protection even if a call were to be rerouted, it would remain secure.

Isolated and highly secure hardware exists. However, using this hardware generally involves replacing existing phones or computers with expensive alternatives.

Safewire is compatible with any most phones, radios, computers, or any other device with a standard audio-jack. Finally, most encryption technology is hard to use, and inaccessible to all but the most technologically gifted.

Safewire was designed to be easy to use. For example, if John Smith were to encrypt calls using Safewire, here are the three steps which he would need to take:

  1. Plug Safewire into the device
  2. Enter his conversation partner's private key into Safewire
  3. Plug his headset into Safewire

That's it! Now John Smith can make his calls as he normally would.


Download from here or from MEGA

Based off of HEKTOR 128

To Win the Privacy Arms Race

Privacy is the greatest protector of human freedom.

Even under the violent oppression of authoritarian governments, there is still enough breathing room for the brave to whisper words of dissent. It is under the soft tyranny of an information society that the dangerous censorship exists. Self censorship.

In many cases, judgement from peers and society are more destructive than outright authority. There is no way to know which words are going unspoken, thoughts forgotten, and whispers silenced.

Enemies of mankind, who want to silence us, are racing to make all personal matters public. We, however, plan... win the privacy arms race.


Join Our Team

We're looking for talented and eccentric engineers to join our team. Personally, we strive towards achieving an Aristotelian mean between speed, and neatness; independence, and communication; aesthetics, and functionality. Perfection is satisfaction.

Currently, our projects require skills such as:

  • Assembly Language Proficiency
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Graphic Design
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Or anything else you think might bring value to our projects..!